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Got issues in your tissues?


Stressors, injuries, and dysfunctions

can harm your health and well-being.


It's time to intervene.

Supercharge your inner hero.


I've got your back...literally.

Welcome in.


Sick or unsure of your health? If you have been symptomatic or around anyone testing positive for COVID19 you are asked to cancel your appointment. There will be no penalties. Just text (quicker replies) or call: 503-913-2422.

Health Notice: Protocols are in place to help increase cleanliness and disinfection. Flu, Covid, and other infectious communicable diseases are not 100% eliminated and there are risks involved in public environments and services. Receiving massage services reflect your understanding and willingness to accept these risks without holding others responsible for any potential outcomes.

Masks are personal choices. Wear one if you feel you need to. Ask your provider if you prefer they wear one as well.

As for vaccinations, the last I checked your medical information is still PRIVATE. It's encouraged this right remains intact. You will not be required to disclose whether or not you have received a Covid vaccination. I will respect that privacy and expect the same courtesy.

Issues in your tissues?


Tired of just "fluff and buff" massage that doesn't get to the heart of the problem you came in with? Have you ever left your service feeling the relaxation you sought didn't quite happen? Need effective, understanding, and skilled treatment? Perhaps you haven't found the right therapist yet?

I've got your back...literally.

Akemi McKee

I'm not your average therapist. I've been through the gauntlet of my own issues.  This translates to empathetic, intuitive, and body-wise skills you cannot teach. It's my hope that each client leaves feeling their search is over. Welcome in!

Quality focus

Trusted and high-grade essential oils, massage gels, hot stones, Gua Sha tools, and more, are critical components to my practice. The massage room itself is cleaned and sanitized between every service as well

14785 SE Oregon Trail Dr. Clackamas, OR 97015

Use door entrance to Aqua Float Spa. The door may be locked. This is typical security protocol. Do NOT knock on door if it is locked as this can be disruptive for clients. Please TEXT 503-913-2422. We are most likely serving guests and will be with you momentarily.

Details on directions

Located on the other side of ACE Hardware. This is a U-shaped building. We are on the inside of it in parking area. From Sunnyside Rd. Turn into shopping area on 147th. Drive to the turnabout and go three fourths around to Oregon Trail Dr. Take the first left into the parking lot area.

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